Private 1 hour or 1/2 Hour Sessions

Her Philosophy
The basis of all the work that CJ does with her clients is a unique approach to spiritual life coaching. For those that want to work one on one with CJ but are unsure if they want a full AFT Session, you can simply make a spiritual coaching appointment by telephone to work with CJ regarding major life situations, upcoming life choices and other areas that you feel you need assistance. CJ's incredible intuition and spiritual gifts can help you to move forward in your life and gain greater understanding of life situations from a spiritual perspective.

Why Work with a Spiritual Coach?
Even those who are already quite successful in life can benefit from coaching that helps them see the big picture as well as a clear view of themselves. Spiritual life coaching provides a powerful system of support by which you may find ways to better enjoy a more successful life. CJ provides inspiration and guidance while holding a steady vision of how you can make choices based on love and joy, rather than fear and obligation. Coaching helps decrease your stress levels as you make life changes, helping you to better utilize your natural gifts.

A coach can help you better understand your life story so far, as well as how you can revise the story of your life to feel more like a hero than a victim of life's journey.

Some possible benefits of working with CJ:

  • Understanding your life's purpose
  • Answer questions about upcoming life events
  • Realize your intuition at work in you life
  • Develop new ways to respond to life situations
  • Get unstuck so you can reach your goals
  • Make life choices based in love, rather than fear
  • Manifest your dreams into conscious reality
Coaching Sessions are purchase in 1 hour or 1/2 hour blocks
To schedule your session, please click here to fill out the scheduling form and then click here to make your payment. All hourly sessions are $ 120.00 and 1/2 hour sessions are $65.00. They are conducted via telephone on the first available appointment time Mon-Fri.

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