Client-AFT Testimonials

Dear CJ,
Thank you for doing the AFT session, and for sharing your remarkable talent with me. I was truly impressed with the information you'd sent. Your reading was very accurate. I was quite taken aback by it, in that you seemed to see the things I've kept under raps my entire life. You picked up on a past life I'd remembered a few years ago! Surprising, to say the least. Every pattern you identified, I could relate to a specific time in my experience with life.

I have been practicing the "homework" you sent, and purchased the essences you'd suggested. Whenever I feel that I'm backsliding, I do an extra bit of homework. This has resulted in feeling more sure of myself, more capable of dealing, and more grounded. I felt this way soon after I listened to & worked with the CD you'd sent Changes have already taken place in my attitude and my energy! Your work is powerful. I'm glad I scheduled this session with you, and hope to do more in the future. I would recommend your work to others who want to clear old patterns from their energies and their lives.

Thank you!

Dear CJ,

I just want to tell you that he work we do together has taken my personal growth to an entirely new realm.

Before we started working together I had done a lot of work clearing issues and blocks in my life.

However, I still felt I had “threads” that were hanging…finer layers that needed clearing….which is why I was drawn to AFT and to you.

Over the past year and a half, our work together has brought me an exponential level of growth that I never could have imagined!!.

The clearing of issues and blocks has been on a much deeper level than I have ever experienced. This is really at a core level.

And above and beyond all of this wonderful clearing, has been your kind and gentle insight and guidance in helping me gain greater understanding of my personal journey in this life.

So from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my being I thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love and gratitude,

Thank you so much!
Love for Life ,Happiness for Self and Freedom from suffering is what you brought to me.
AFT sessions are working miracles in my Life. I recommend your AFT sessions to everyone.

Sanjay Talukdar
(9/5/06 Mumbai-India)

Good Morning CJ!
I have listened to my tape three times now and it is indeed very accurate and resonated strongly in me. All the information for all the programs was quite clear-for instance, I believe I had mentioned that I have been working very hard on my inner growth, and for eight years now I have woken up more nights than I can count feeling like I'm choking or being suffocated. What a relief to finally have an understanding for WHY, just as you said!

About an hour or so after the second day of doing the homework I noticed the following: a humming vibration very close to my physical body-in the mental field of my auric body, a feeling of energy flowing out the soles of my feet, and a sensation of a huge gaping hole in the top of my head at the 7th chakra. When things settled down I did a chakra rebalancing, but I felt rather 'floaty' for quite awhile after.

I truly look forward to learning this work from you, and look forward to speaking with you. THANK YOU so much CJ, I've already learned so much from you!!!

Mindy Fitting
(4/21/06 Lakeville, CT USA)

Dear CJ,

Thank you for the follow up phone call. I look foreward to working with in the future. Thank you for the Akashic reading gift. I was very surprised with the results. Every thing you read and wrote down was 100 percent accurate. I did not realize that these old energy patterns still existed.

However, once I started to scan for those energy patterns, they all appeared immediately. With your guidance, I was able to clear and release all the energy patterns and felt an immediate shift in the soul energy.

You have made a believer out of me.

I highly recommend CJ to all that have been drawn to her. I have search the internet high and wide regarding Akashic record reading and healing. I can safely say that there is no one out there that comes remotely close to doing what CJ does.

From the bottom of my heart thank you CJ.

Namaste atma,
(4/19/06 Los Angeles, CA USA)

True Confirmation
I was amazed at the information that came from my session. It was a true confirmation for me that some of the challenges in my life today did not stem from this lifetime alone. It all made so much sense for me. Explained a lot!!! It gave me the comfort of knowing that I wasn't crazy, there is a reason why I have had the experiences and challenges that I have had. I feel so empowered just by knowing consciously the roots of the issues, and what my soul's purpose is in this lifetime. I now have the knowledge and awareness to create a better life for myself as I continue on my spiritual journey. Now I know why I was drawn to do this work. I can't wait to dig a little deeper! - KP

Thanks CJ!!! (9/2005 Kansas City, MO USA)

Dear CJ,
I just wanted to tell you again, thanks so much for your effors on my behalf. Good things are still unfolding for me now. Your work is so interesting and so profoundly valuable. Please send me 6-8 brochures, your too good to keep to myself!

Blessings, K.C. (6/2005 Los Angeles, CA USA)

Thanks CJ!
Thank you so much for your work with me! You were so accurate. I woke up the other night and something told me that the emotion sadness was being lifted from me.-J.B. (1/2005 Charleston, SC USA)

Dear CJ,

I chose to do a quantum healing with you after attending a seminar you presented which included some information on that topic. In early 2005, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. After a few months of taking medications that did not help and had terrible side effects, I started down a natural, holistic path. It is this path that led me to you.

As I listened to the quantum healing tape, I was totally blown away. I really did not know what to expect. Your discussion of the five issues was amazing--everything you said was so on target and just exactly what had been holding me back in my life. I actually felt better knowing that the anxiety, fear and lack of self love that had plagued me for much of my life was buried deep in my subconscious. That is, it wasn't that I was too weak to beat these energies and programs--I just needed help getting them out of my subconscious mind. And you did just that--amazing.

I could not wait to listen to the tape again, and I have listened to it several times. I have learned or realized something new each time I listen to the tape. Further, I am astonished every time I listen to the tape at how accurately it describes the negative energies and programs that have been dragging me down. Your discussion of the themes and common elements in the various issues was especially helpful.

You mentioned on the tape that I was highly sensitive to EMR stress. That was so interesting, as I am often overwhelmed when a television is turned on--even when the volume is very low. I am constantly turning lights or appliances off or the volume down, and my husband can't understand why I am so sensitive (especially when the volume isn't even that high)! I ordered the Qlink pendant as you suggested and I will let you know how it works for me.

I have been dutifully doing my homework every morning. I know the full effect of the clearing won't come until the 21 days has passed, but I have to say that I felt a shift the morning after I listened to the tape. My anxiety, fear and self distrust diminished almost immediately. And I know it will continue to improve as I complete the 21 days of homework!

I am so blessed to have been led to you. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me, and helping me start 2005 fresh!

Much love - MC (6/2004 Kansas City, MO USA)

Thank You
I received my tape and have listened to it. Wow!! Great stuff and I do see it coming up in my life. It was amazing about the abandonment routine. I've had people tell me that I have abandonment issues and I've always thought that was impossible as I have never been abandoned.-G.R. (2/2004 Scottsdale, AZ USA)

More than words can say...
CJ is a truly gifted woman. She lovingly shares with us her talents of wisdom and intuitive insight. The quantum healings she has done for me have been wondrously life changing, providing acceleration and clarity on my spiritual path and in my every day life.

Together, we have cleared out the subconscious ghosts affecting my current reality, leaving me open to receive more love, joy and growth. The non-productive tendencies I have struggled with all of my life, have not only been brought to light, but have been cleared out and removed. I no longer suffer from the unexplained propensity for suffering and lack, manic depression and self-sabotage and doubt, just to name a few. It is unbelievably awesome to be free of these subconscious chains that bind. The chains that make us feel less than and undeserving, that we cannot explain, yet continuously get in our way.

Thank you CJ! Words cannot express my gratitude and love, for sharing with me your gifts of love and wisdom. And.....for the profound results your quantum healings have provided me in this lifetime.

Nanette Anderson

In Appreciation
I do seem to be aware of more in others and at times to sense more. I also do not feel as torn or kind of having opposing forces within me. Anyway. I thought you may be interested that I found the entire session and process very beneficial.-L.B. (3/2003 Montreal, Canada)

Wow! I have listened to my tape twice and I am amazed at what you uncovered for me. Wow.-N.L (4/2003 Dallas, TX USA)

Thank You!
The AFT quantum healing was a new experience for me. I have been studying tools and techniques for personal and spiritual growth for many years. Still, I had blockages I didn’t understand. My reality wasn’t manifesting the way I wanted. So, I decided to do the session.

CJ helped me get clear on the patterns that were creating the most significant challenges. At the time, there were 4 patterns that needed clearing. It was so helpful to have words to describe it. My current reality made so much sense once I understood the patterns in my soul’s records. I felt an immediate sense of liberation, which only increased as I did the homework.

Since I did the quantum healing, I have an inner peace and a sense of clarity that I’ve never had before. My anxiety and worry have decreased significantly. I feel an incredible sense of freedom. I have a stronger sense of my true Self that is reflected in every area of my life.

Julie Farha

I listened to the tape again this morning and was just as amazed as I was the first time I listened to it. Your analysis of the themes in my clearing was especially helpful. Thank you again for your wonderful help. I am sure we will work together again in the future.-M.C.

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